N.D.C. was created in 2001 by Arnaud Zannier and Enrique Corbi. They had been in the shoe industry for 10 years before deciding to go out on their own. They wanted to make shoes that they would like to wear. They did so by making hand made shoes that are individual, non-conformistic, pure and functional without following the ever changing whims of fashion. The leathers they use are from Tuscany. The brand name N.D.C. stands for nom de code= code name.

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Alithia piuma b
 € 210(€ 173,55 TAX FREE)
N.D.C. Alithia Boot
 € 240(€ 198,35 TAX FREE)
30 % OFF
N.D.C. Janko High
 € 365,50(€ 302,07 TAX FREE)
 € 255,85(€ 211,45 TAX FREE)
N.D.C. Pancho softy
 € 240(€ 198,35 TAX FREE)
30 % OFF
N.D.C. Stanley
 € 400(€ 330,58 TAX FREE)
 € 280(€ 231,40 TAX FREE)
NDC made by hand Pablo Softy
 € 225(€ 185,95 TAX FREE)



50 % OFF
N.D.C. Alba softy terra shoe
 € 339(€ 280,17 TAX FREE)
 € 169,50(€ 140,08 TAX FREE)
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