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About us

About us

We (Lucas and Manousch Davids) started LUUKS in 2003 as we believe in beautifull and elegant edgy shoes and at that time Amsterdam missed such a nice shoe shop. Combining a former banker with a former headhunter into the shoebusiness indeed resulted in an innovative choice of brands. LUUKS started up with small upcoming brands like Fiorentini + Baker, N.D.C. and later on Golden Goose and were the first to introduce these brands in the Netherlands. Later Belgian designers like A.F.VandeVorst and Maison Martin Margiela joined the shelves, so now we have a unique designer shoe boutique offering collections that can not be found anywhere else in the Netherlands. Located in a residential area in Amsterdam near the triangle of the Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum and Museum of Modern Art, we draw in a clientele that's interested more in style than in fashion trends.

In 2008 we foresaw the importance of the online game and started our webshop  in order to service our clients even better. 

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Highlighted brands
Fiorentini Baker

Fiorentini + Baker aims to create simple, yet beautiful boots/shoes

Officine Creative

Shoes, boots, really all footwear made by Officine Creative has a special vintage look and feel.


Premiata is a shoe brand with more than 130 years of history. A unique brand led by Graziano Mazza who is constantly finding its way to innovate and deliver creativity. Premiata creates men’s, women’s, unisex and beautiful sneaker collections


In 2001, siblings Roberto, Marco, and Elisa Cima launched Marsèll, a luxury shoe company highlighting sturdy, classic footwear with a modern twist