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FIORENTINI+BAKER Founded in 2001 by designer Deborah Baker and interior designer Paolo Fiorentini the brand Fiorentini + Baker aims to create simple, yet beautiful boots/shoes that are inspired by anything from an old piece of furniture to a film or a peculiar piece of architecture. Fiorentini and Baker are one of the few remaining designers who draw on the skills of Italy's artisan shoemakers. It is a trade for which the country is famous for. Fiorentini + Baker works with the finest Italian leathers and the artisans use traditional techniques to handcraft boots that are effortlessly wearable and exceptionally durable. The result is a typical Fiorentini and Baker look, stylishly rugged boots, the perfect combination of fashion and form. Every pair of Fiorentini + Baker boots will age gracefully and only get better with wear. Fiorentini & Baker began as a men's line but soon turned out to be very attractive for women as well. These days lots of celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Beckinsale are addicted to these famous boots.

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