Sartore is known for its refined expertise and its inimitable style: with noble materials, natural leathers and colours, traditional manufacturing and with sober, elegant and authentic models, always contemporary. Sartore embodies more the just a trend but a real spirit, an attitude and a philosophy. All it needs is the detail of a buckle, the thickness of a sole, the curve of a heel, the mix of materials, the alliance of neutral colours and the flashy tones to turn a shoe into a real classic and an icon of its time. Taking what was there before, changing it and modernizing it in order to anticipate the future, this is Sartore's expertise.

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50 % OFF
Sartore sandal
 € 450(€ 371,90 TAX FREE)
 € 225(€ 185,95 TAX FREE)
50 % OFF
Sartore SR3238
 € 750(€ 619,83 TAX FREE)
 € 375(€ 309,92 TAX FREE)
30 % OFF
Sartore SR3254
 € 562,50(€ 464,88 TAX FREE)
 € 393,75(€ 325,41 TAX FREE)
30 % OFF
Sartore SR3254 bordo
 € 600(€ 495,87 TAX FREE)
 € 420(€ 347,11 TAX FREE)
Sartore western boot
 € 525(€ 433,88 TAX FREE)
Sartore western boot black
 € 525(€ 433,88 TAX FREE)
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